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Which three statements are true regarding the Frame Relay LMI? (Choose three.) 1. The LMI provides a virtual circuit (VC) status mechanism. 2. The LMI type must always be manually configured. 3. The available LMI types are CHAP and PAP. 4. The LMI types supported by Cisco routers are CISCO and IETF. 5. The LMI type configured on the router must match the one used on the Frame Relay switch. 6. The LMI uses reserved DLCIs to exchange messages between the DTE and DCE. Correct answers are: 1) The LMI provides a virtual circuit (VC) status mechanism. 5) The LMI… Read more »


Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator has configured router Edge_Router as shown in the output. Connectivity is failing between Edge_Router and a non-Cisco router running Frame Relay. What should be done to repair this Layer 2 connectivity? i217792v1n1_217792.png 1. Issue the ietf keyword when enabling Frame Relay on interface serial 0/1/0. 2. Issue the broadcast keyword when performing static mapping on interface serial 0/1/0. 3. Correct the IP address used in the frame-relay map command. 4. Issue the frame-relay lmi-type ansi command on interface serial 0/1/0. 5. Modify the OSPF process-id from 10 to 1. Correct answer is: 2)… Read more »