Introduction to Linux I Chapter 24 Exam Answer 2016

1. What two differences are there between querying an installed RPM and an RPM package file with the rpm command?. (choose two)

  • To query the installed RPM, you have to add the -i option.
  • You must use the full filename when querying the installed RPM.
  • You must use the full filename when querying the package.
  • To query the package file, you have to add the -p option.

2. If you use the -f option when performing an rpm query:

  • The command will display the full filename of the original package.
  • The command output will wrap at half screen width.
  • The command will show the package that owns a file.
  • The command will output a list of the files in the packages.

3. If you you have a RPM package file named, figlet-1.1-0.3.i686.rpm, which rpm commands will install it?. (choose two)

  • rpm -F figlet-1.1-0.3.i686.rpm
  • rpm -U figlet-1.1-0.3.i686.rpm
  • rpm -e figlet-1.1-0.3.i686.rpm
  • rpm -i figlet-1.1-0.3.i686.rpm

4. The rpm2cpio command can be used to:. (choose two)

  • List the content of a “.rpm” file
  • Create a new “.rpm” file
  • Build a binary “.rpm” file from a source “.src.rpm” file
  • Extract files from a “.rpm” file

5. What is the primary configuration file for yum?

  • /etc/yum.conf
  • /etc/yum.d/yum.conf
  • /etc/yum/main.conf
  • /etc/yum/yum.conf

6. In what directory are yum repository configuration files stored?

  • /usr/share/yum
  • /etc/yum
  • /etc/yum.repos.d
  • /var/lib/yum

7. How can you determine the RPM package that owns a file?

  • yum info
  • yum find
  • yum owns
  • yum provides

8. What is the main advantage in using yum over rpm?

  • It can automatically resolve dependency issues between packages
  • It is able to use multiple repositories
  • It is able to install packages from internet addresses
  • It will allow you to override dependencies

9. How can you remove a package using an rpm command?

  • rpm -r
  • rpm -d
  • rpm -e
  • rpm -x

10. Which command will show the dependencies of an RPM package?

  • yum requires
  • yum provides
  • rpm -qpd
  • rpm -qpR

11. How is the kernel package special for package management?

  • New versions should be installed instead of upgraded
  • It cannot be uninstalled
  • It contains the core of the operating system
  • New versions should be upgraded instead of installed

12. Which command shows the scripts that may be part of a RPM package?

  • yum info
  • yum scripts
  • rpm -q –scripts
  • rpm -qs

13. Which command will check the integrity of an RPM file?

  • rpm -qcp
  • rpm -qKp
  • rpm -qCp
  • rpm -qkp

14. All RPM package management commands must be run as the root user.. True or False?

  • True
  • False

15. What are the correct options for the rpm command to display a list of all installed packages?

  • -a
  • -qall
  • -b
  • -qa

16. Which command will download RPM files from repositories?

  • yumupdate
  • yumdownloader
  • rpmupdate
  • rpmdownloader
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