Introduction to Linux II

Introduction to Linux II Chapter 6 Exam Answer 2016

  • Question ID 1143

    Accessibility within a GUI environment can be improved by which of the following?

    • Screen magnifier
    • Automatic clicking
    • Text-to-speech screen reader
    • All choices are valid
  • Question ID 1144

    In GNOME desktop, which of the following CANNOT be set using Keyboard Accessibility Settings?

    • Bounce keys
    • Repeat keys
    • Magnifier keys
    • Sticky keys
  • Question ID 1146

    A user wants to perform key combinations such as Ctrl+C without needing to hold both keys at once. He should enable:

    • Slow Keys
    • Mouse Keys
    • Sticky Keys
    • Repeat Keys
  • Question ID 1147

    Which of the following shortcuts will enable/disable Sticky Keys?

    • Pressing the Shift key five times
    • Pressing the F3 function key five times
    • Pressing the Alt key three times
    • Pressing the Enter key three times
  • Question ID 1148

    Which of the following keys is the opposite of Repeat Keys and should not be enabled at the same time as Repeat Keys?

    • Slow keys
    • Toggle keys
    • Bounce keys
    • Sticky keys
  • Question ID 1150

    The system administrator is setting up the audio feedback mechanism when keyboard modifier keys are pressed. This is an example of:

    • Bounce keys
    • Toggle keys
    • Mouse keys
    • Repeat keys
  • Question ID 1152

    The system administrator wants to use the keyboard for moving the mouse pointer around the screen. This is done by implementing:

    • Mouse keys
    • Toggle keys
    • Repeat keys
    • Bounce keys
  • Question ID 1154

    Orca is currently set to use the Laptop keyboard layout. Which of the following keys will be designated as the Orca key?

    • Insert
    • Shift
    • Print screen
    • Caps Lock
  • Question ID 1155

    Which of the following applications can be used to “read” aloud the text from a file?

    • All choices are valid
    • Espeak
    • Orca
    • Emacspeak
  • Question ID 1156

    Instead of using a normal keyboard, a user would like to use the mouse for typing text. He should implement:

    • Mouse keys
    • On-screen keyboard
    • Screen magnifier
    • Sticky keys
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