120 Labs for Cisco CCNA 200-125 and CCENT Exams

Lab 49: Configuring Passwords on Catalyst Switches

Lab Objective:

The objective of this lab exercise is to configure passwords that contain special characters, such as question marks, on switches. By default, the question mark invokes IOS help options for a command.

Lab Purpose:

Advanced password configuration is a fundamental skill. By default, when the question mark (?) is used, the Cisco IOS help menu displays possible options for completing the command being typed. This can become a problem if you want to configure a password such as C?sc0, for example. As a Cisco engineer, as well as in the Cisco CCNA exam, you will be expected to know how to configure passwords with special characters.

Certification Level:

This lab is suitable for CCNA certification exam preparation.

Lab Difficulty:

This lab has a difficulty rating of 4/10.

Readiness Assessment:

When you are ready for your certification exam, you should complete this lab in no more than 10 minutes.

Lab Topology:

Use any single switch to complete this lab.

Task 1:

Configure an enable password or enable secret of C?1sc0 on your Catalyst Switch. If you find that you cannot configure the password, try and remember the keys you need to type in before configuring special characters in a password.

Task 2:

Disable password encryption and verify that your password shows up in the configuration as configured.

Configuration and Verification

Task 1:

Sw1#conf t 
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CTRL/Z. 
Sw1(config)#enable password C?1sc0 

NOTE: In order to use a question mark in a password on Cisco devices, you must type in Ctrl/Z (the CTRL key followed by the letter Z key) before you type in the question mark. This feature won’t work on Packet Tracer.

Task 2:

Sw1#conf t 
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CTRL/Z. 
Sw1(config)#no service password-encryption 
Sw1#show running-config 
Building configuration... 

Current configuration : 3093 bytes 
version 12.1 
no service pad 
no service password-encryption 
hostname Sw1
no logging console 
enable password C?1sc0

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