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Modules 13 – 14: Emerging Network Technologies Exam Answers

Modules 13 – 14: Emerging Network Technologies Exam Answers

1. Which function of the Cisco intent-based networking system (IBNS) enables network operators to express the expected networking behavior that will best support the business intent?

  • activation
  • translation
  • assurance
  • ACL analysis

2. Which types of APIs are suitable for the data communication between a travel website and a hotel chain inquiring about room availability data?

  • open APIs
  • public APIs
  • internal APIs
  • partner APIs

3. Which characters are used to enclose a JSON key?

  • quotation marks
  • commas
  • square brackets
  • colons

4. Which character is used to separate JSON key/value pairs?

  • (comma) ,
  • (semi colon) ;
  • (dash) –
  • (forward slash) /

5. Which two technologies are core components of Cisco ACI architecture? (Choose two.)

  • Application Network Profile
  • OpenFlow enabled switches
  • Interface to the Routing System
  • Application Policy Infrastructure Controller
  • Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links

6. Which Cloud computing service would be best for a new organization that cannot afford physical servers and networking equipment and must purchase network services on-demand?

  • PaaS
  • SaaS
  • ITaaS
  • IaaS

7. Which services are provided by a private cloud?

  • online services to trusted vendors
  • multiple internal IT services in an enterprise
  • encrypted data storage in cloud computing
  • secure communications between sensors and actuators

8. What are two reasons an organization might use cloud computing? (Choose two.)

  • increases corporate use of technology resources
  • reduces the time needed for maintenance windows
  • enables global access to corporate data
  • enables connectivity between disparate networks
  • provides power and physical plants capable of meeting increased requirements

9. What is a characteristic of data flow processing in SDN?

  • The SDN controller attaches an entry to each packet to identify the flow.
  • OpenStack is used to construct the entry in switches to facilitate data forwarding.
  • Each data flow through the network must be approved by the SDN controller first.
  • The SDN controller routes a data flow first and the data plane will use policies to permit or deny the flow.

10. What are three abstraction layers of a computer system? (Choose three.)

  • hardware
  • firmware
  • services
  • security
  • network
  • data

11. In software defined network architecture, what function is removed from network devices and performed by an SDN controller?

  • control plane
  • data plane
  • security
  • application policies

12. Which term describes the data exchanges between virtual servers in a data center?

  • vertical traffic
  • backbone traffic
  • east-west traffic
  • north-south traffic

13. How is the control plane modified to operate with network virtualization?

  • Control plane redundancy is added to each network device.
  • The control plane function is consolidated into a centralized controller.
  • A hypervisor is installed in each device to allow multiple instances of the control plane.
  • The control plane on each device is interconnected to a dedicated high-speed network.

14. Which Cloud computing service would be best for an organization that needs to collaboratively create applications and deliver them over the web?

  • PaaS
  • IaaS
  • SaaS
  • ITaaS

15. What is JSON?

  • It is a database.
  • It is a scripting language.
  • It is a compiled programming language.
  • It is a data format for storing and transporting data.

16. What is an architectural constraint to which a true RESTful API web service must adhere?

  • It operates as a cloud service.
  • It runs as client/server model.
  • It uses HTTPS to transport data.
  • It must support the XML data format.

17. In the RESTful API request example, ht​tp://ww​,Ca&to=Monterey,Ca, which term describes the component directions/v2/route?

  • query
  • resources
  • API server
  • parameters

18. Which statement describes an API?

  • It is a programming language for creating a web-based application.
  • It is a set of rules that filter network traffic for web-based applications.
  • It is a set of functions and subroutines to be used in a comprehensive application.
  • It is a set of functions and procedures that allows a client application to access the data of the service application.

19. Which term describes the process of managing configuration changes of network devices in an orderly fashion?

  • automation
  • provisioning
  • orchestration
  • version control

20. Which web service API can use multiple data formats including JSON, XML, and YAML?

  • REST
  • SOAP

21. What are two reasons that most RESTful APIs require a key in the request? (Choose two.)

  • to authenticate the requesting source
  • to encrypt the query message in the API request
  • to gather information on the people using the API
  • to specify the data format expected from the response
  • to make sure that the query matches the service offered by the web application

22. What is a difference between the XML and HTML data formats?

  • XML formats data in hexadecimal whereas HTML formats data in binary.
  • XML uses a self-descriptive data structure but HTML uses a standard document structure.
  • XML requires indentation for each key/value pair whereas HTML does not require indentation.
  • XML encloses data within a pair of tags whereas HTML uses a pair of quotation marks to enclose data.

23. A programmer is using Ansible as the configuration management tool. Which term is used to describe a set of instructions for execution?

  • Pillar
  • Manifest
  • Playbook
  • Cookbook

24. Which term is used to describe a set of instructions for execution by the configuration management tool Chef?

  • Pillar
  • Manifest
  • Playbook
  • Cookbook

25. Which two configuration management tools are developed using Python? (Choose two.)

  • Chef
  • Ansible
  • Puppet
  • SaltStack

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