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Modules 6 – 8: WAN Concepts Exam Answers

Modules 6 – 8: WAN Concepts Exam Answers

1. Which IPsec framework protocol provides data integrity and data authentication, but does not provide data confidentiality?

  • AH
  • IP protocol 50
  • ESP
  • DH

2. What algorithm is used to provide data integrity of a message through the use of a calculated hash value?

  • HMAC
  • DH
  • RSA
  • AES

3. Which statement describes the effect of key length in deterring an attacker from hacking through an encryption key?

  • The length of a key will not vary between encryption algorithms.
  • The length of a key does not affect the degree of security.
  • The shorter the key, the harder it is to break.
  • The longer the key, the more key possibilities exist.

4. What is a type of VPN that is generally transparent to the end user?

  • site-to-site
  • remote access
  • public
  • private

5. What is one advantage of using NAT at the edge of the network?

  • NAT enables end-to-end IPv4 traceability, making troubleshooting easier.
  • Performance is significantly increased because the router does not have to perform as many route lookups.
  • Dynamic NAT allows devices from outside the local network to easily initiate TCP connections to inside hosts.
  • Changing ISPs is simpler because the devices on the inside network do not have to be configured with new addresses when the outside address changes.

6. What benefit does NAT64 provide?

  • It allows sites to use private IPv6 addresses and translates them to global IPv6 addresses.
  • It allows sites to connect multiple IPv4 hosts to the Internet via the use of a single public IPv4 address.
  • It allows sites to connect IPv6 hosts to an IPv4 network by translating the IPv6 addresses to IPv4 addresses.
  • It allows sites to use private IPv4 addresses, and thus hides the internal addressing structure from hosts on public IPv4 networks.

7. What address translation is performed by static NAT?

  • An inside local address is translated to a specified outside global address.
  • An inside local address is translated to a specified inside global address.
  • An inside local address is translated to a specified outside local address.
  • An outside local address is translated to a specified outside global address.

8. Using NAT terminology, what is the address of the source host on a private network as seen from inside the network?

  • inside local
  • inside global
  • outside global
  • outside local

9. Which statement accurately describes dynamic NAT?

  • It always maps a private IP address to a public IP address.
  • It provides an automated mapping of inside local to inside global IP addresses.
  • It provides a mapping of internal host names to IP addresses.
  • It dynamically provides IP addressing to internal hosts.

10. Why is NAT not needed in IPv6?​

  • Because IPv6 has integrated security, there is no need to hide the IPv6 addresses of internal networks.​
  • Any host or user can get a public IPv6 network address because the number of available IPv6 addresses is extremely large.​
  • The problems that are induced by NAT applications are solved because the IPv6 header improves packet handling by intermediate routers.​
  • The end-to-end connectivity problems that are caused by NAT are solved because the number of routes increases with the number of nodes that are connected to the Internet.

11. A company designs its network so that the PCs in the internal network are assigned IP addresses from DHCP servers, and the packets that are sent to the Internet are translated through a NAT-enabled router. What type of NAT enables the router to populate the translation table from a pool of unique public addresses, as the PCs send packets through the router to the Internet?

  • static NAT
  • dynamic NAT
  • PAT
  • ARP

12. What is a security feature of using NAT on a network?

  • allows external IP addresses to be concealed from internal users
  • allows internal IP addresses to be concealed from external users
  • denies all packets that originate from private IP addresses
  • denies all internal hosts from communicating outside their own network

13. When dynamic NAT without overloading is being used, what happens if seven users attempt to access a public server on the Internet when only six addresses are available in the NAT pool?

  • No users can access the server.
  • The request to the server for the seventh user fails.
  • All users can access the server.
  • The first user gets disconnected when the seventh user makes the request.

14. A company has been assigned the block of IP addresses by the ISP. The company has over 6000 internal devices. What type of NAT would be most appropriate for the employee workstations of the company?

  • static NAT
  • dynamic NAT
  • port forwarding
  • PAT off the external router interface
  • dynamic NAT overload using the pool of addresses

15. Which version of NAT allows many hosts inside a private network to simultaneously use a single inside global address for connecting to the Internet?

  • PAT
  • static NAT
  • dynamic NAT
  • port forwarding

16. A company is expanding its business to other countries. All branch offices must remain connected to corporate headquarters at all times. Which network technology is required to support this scenario?

  • LAN
  • MAN
  • WAN
  • WLAN

17. What is the recommended technology to use over a public WAN infrastructure when a branch office is connected to the corporate site?

  • ATM
  • ISDN
  • municipal Wi-Fi
  • VPN

18. Which medium do service providers use to transmit data over WAN connections with SONET, SDH, and DWDM?

  • fiber optic
  • satellite
  • Wi-Fi
  • copper

19. Which statement describes a characteristic of a WAN?

  • A WAN operates within the same geographic scope of a LAN, but has serial links.
  • WAN networks are owned by service providers.
  • All serial links are considered WAN connections.
  • A WAN provides end-user network connectivity to the campus backbone.

20. Which type of network would be used by a company to connect locations across the country?

  • WAN
  • LAN
  • WLAN
  • SAN

21. A small company with 10 employees uses a single LAN to share information between computers. Which type of connection to the Internet would be appropriate for this company?

  • a dialup connection that is supplied by their local telephone service provider
  • Virtual Private Networks that would enable the company to connect easily and securely with employees
  • private dedicated lines through their local service provider
  • a broadband service, such as DSL, through their local service provider

22. To which two layers of the OSI model do WAN technologies provide services? (Choose two.)

  • network layer
  • session layer
  • physical layer
  • transport layer
  • data link layer
  • presentation layer

23. A customer needs a metropolitan area WAN connection that provides high-speed, dedicated bandwidth between two sites. Which type of WAN connection would best fulfill this need?

  • circuit-switched network
  • Ethernet WAN
  • MPLS
  • packet-switched network

24. An intercity bus company wants to offer constant Internet connectivity to the users traveling on the buses. Which two types of WAN infrastructure would meet the requirements? (Choose two.)

  • private infrastructure
  • public infrastructure
  • dedicated
  • circuit-switched
  • cellular

25. An enterprise has four branches. The headquarters needs full connectivity to all branches. The branches do not need to be connected directly to each other. Which WAN topology is most suitable?

  • bus
  • full mesh
  • hub and spoke
  • mesh
  • point-to-point

26. What is a characteristic of a WAN?

  • A WAN is typically owned by an enterprise which wants to interconnect its LANs.​
  • WAN service providers include carriers such as a telephone network or satellite service.
  • WANs always use physical cables to connect LANs.
  • A WAN operates inside the geographic scope of a LAN.

27. What are two common types of circuit-switched WAN technologies? (Choose two.)

  • Frame Relay
  • DSL
  • PSTN
  • ATM
  • ISDN

28. A new corporation needs a data network that must meet certain requirements. The network must provide a low cost connection to sales people dispersed over a large geographical area. Which two types of WAN infrastructure would meet the requirements? (Choose two.)

  • public infrastructure
  • private infrastructure
  • Internet
  • dedicated
  • satellite

29. Which two statements describe a remote access VPN? (Choose two.)

  • It connects entire networks to each other.
  • It requires hosts to send TCP/IP traffic through a VPN gateway.
  • It is used to connect individual hosts securely to a company network over the Internet.
  • It may require VPN client software on hosts.
  • It requires static configuration of the VPN tunnel.

30. The use of 3DES within the IPsec framework is an example of which of the five IPsec building blocks?

  • authentication
  • confidentiality
  • Diffie-Hellman
  • integrity
  • nonrepudiation

31. Which type of VPN may require the Cisco VPN Client software?

  • remote access VPN
  • site-to-site VPN

32. Which technique is necessary to ensure a private transfer of data using a VPN?

  • authorization
  • encryption
  • scalability
  • virtualization

33. What are the two fundamental Dynamic Multipoint VPN tunnel types? (Choose two.)

  • spoke-to-spoke
  • site-to-site
  • hub-to-spoke
  • client-to-site
  • server-to-client

34. What are two reasons a company would use a VPN? (Choose two.)

  • to increase bandwidth to the network
  • to connect remote users to the network
  • to test network connections to remote users
  • to allow suppliers to access the network
  • to eliminate the need of having a gateway

35. True or False?
All VPNs securely transmit clear text across the Internet.

  • true
  • false

36. Which solution allows workers to telecommute effectively and securely?

  • site-to-site VPN
  • remote-access VPN
  • dial-up connection
  • DSL connection

37. Which VPN type is a service provider managed VPN?

  • site-to-site VPN
  • Layer 3 MPLS VPN
  • remote access VPN
  • GRE over IPsec VPN

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