How to secure Nginx web server

Nam Huy Linux is using Nginx because Nginx is a great lightweight and high performace web server/reverse proxy server. Nginx is the second most popular webserver just after Apache web server, there... Read more »

How to secure Apache HTTP Web Server

Apache HTTP Server is an open source web server developed by a community of developers and users, supported by non-profit corporation Apache Software Foundation. Apache web server is often placed at the... Read more »

How to install fail2ban on CentOS 6 and 7

I will show you how to install fail2ban on centos 6 and centos 7 to protect SSH brute force attacks. There are many ways to protect SSH server, the best way is... Read more »

How to create and install self-signed SSL certificate on Nginx in CentOS 6

Google starts to love https from months back and recommends all websites to be encrypted with SSL over HTTP. Rumor said google gives higher rank to those websites have https than websites... Read more »

How to remove PHP X-Powered-By & Nginx Version

While I’m auditing my website’s security with curl command to view HTTP Response Header. I see that nginx gives out quite some server’s info which should be hidden for security reason. You... Read more »

Virus and Malware vs Linux

Do you really need An Anti Virus and/or Anti Malware for Linux? In my opinion no you don’t need them if you know what are you doing and you deeply understand how... Read more »

Configure WordPress to use SMTP

Most hosting companies supports PHP mail() function since it’s one of the standard way to send mail. If your hosting provider set it up correctly, it’s very stable and secure,but some companies... Read more »

SSH login without password

We use SSH or Secure Shell to make connection between computers to execute commands. Username and password authentication is normally used to establish connection. With a good strong password, it’s secure enough... Read more »

How to secure wordpress website

As you all know Nam Huy Linux Blog uses wordpress, and many popular websites like The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, boingboing, Ebay…. also uses wordpress. WordPress is an open source personal... Read more »

How to install, config and secure openssh server

OpenSSH provides end-to-end encrypted replacement of applications such as telnet, rlogin, and ftp. Unlike these legacy applications, OpenSSH never passes anything (including username and password) over the wire in unencrypted form, and provides... Read more »