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    How to install vsftpd on centos 6

    The first two letters of vsftpd stand for “very secure” and the program was built to have strongest protection against possible FTP vulnerabilities. Vsftpd supports virtual users with PAM (pluggable authentication modules). A virtual user is a user login which does not exist as a real login on the system in /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow file. Virtual users can therefore be…

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    How To Install WordPress with nginx on Centos 6

    So far I have written how to install LEMP server (nginx, mysql, php-fpm) on centos. If you are planning to use WordPress with your LEMP server (nginx, mysql, php-fpm) stack, I will show you How To Install WordPress with nginx on Centos in this article. Follow up previous article How to install LEMP web server with Nginx, PHP-FPM 5.5, MySQL 5.5 on…

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