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How to secure Nginx web server

Nam Huy Linux is using Nginx because Nginx is a great lightweight and high performace web server/reverse proxy server. Nginx is the second most popular webserver just after Apache web server, there are many popular sites using Nginx like Wikipedia, Sina, Weibo, Yahoo, Reddit, Tumblr, Worpress… Nginx can easily handle thousands …

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How to secure Apache HTTP Web Server

Apache HTTP Server is an open source web server developed by a community of developers and users, supported by non-profit corporation Apache Software Foundation. Apache web server is often placed at the edge of the server to serve httpd traffic hence it’s the most vulnerable service to an attack. Even …

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How to install mod_rewrite on Ubuntu

mod_rewrite will not be isntalled by default when you install apache web server and php on Ubuntu. To use mod_rewrite on ubuntu you can use the the following command in the terminal # a2enmod rewrite Restart apache2 server # /etc/init.d/apache2 restart you can use the following sample .htaccess file <IfModule …

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