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    Optimize WordPress with Nginx

    If you follow my last two tutorials How to install LEMP web server with Nginx, PHP-FPM 5.5, MySQL 5.5 on Centos Linux and How To Install WordPress with nginx on Centos 6. You should have your WordPress website running with LEMP nginx, php-fpm and mysql stack. WordPress works perfectly fine with Apache, but you will run into some minor problems with WordPress and…

  • Tips – Tricks

    Show real original IP for wordpress and phpbb with cloudflare

    I have been using cloudflare for Nam Huy Linux for while and I have to say cloudflare helps my website to reduce request and speed up my website by distribute static files to visitors globally with CDN (content delivery network). They have 24 locations around the world right now from Asian, North America and Europe. A bonus plus with cloudflare…

  • Security

    Configure WordPress to use SMTP

    Most hosting companies supports PHP mail() function since it’s one of the standard way to send mail. If your hosting provider set it up correctly, it’s very stable and secure,but some companies do not support PHP mail() for their security reasons. In that case there is another option for you to send mail from your website via SMTP (Simple Mail…

  • Security

    How to secure wordpress website

    As you all know Nam Huy Linux Blog uses wordpress, and many popular websites like The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, boingboing, Ebay…. also uses wordpress. WordPress is an open source personal or professional blogging tool, Content Management System (CMS). WordPress requires PHP 5.2.4 or greater and MySQL 5.0 or newer on a hosting server to work. I’m not going…

  • WordPress

    How to redirect 404 to homepage in wordpress

    Want to redirect 404 error page to your homepage in wordpress? Here is how Login to your wordpress admin page http://website.com/wp-admin/ Go to “Apperarance” -> “Editor” -> 404.php If your theme doesnt have 404.php page, create one under your theme directory wp-content/themes/themename/ Change or create your 404.php code to these <?php header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently"); header("Location: ".get_bloginfo('url')); exit(); ?> What…

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