• Security

    How to secure Nginx web server

    Nam Huy Linux is using Nginx because Nginx is a great lightweight and high performace web server/reverse proxy server. Nginx is the second most popular webserver just after Apache web server, there are many popular sites using Nginx like Wikipedia, Sina, Weibo, Yahoo, Reddit, Tumblr, Worpress… Nginx can easily handle thousands inactive HTTP connections with very low memory consumption. In this…

  • Security

    Virus and Malware vs Linux

    Do you really need An Anti Virus and/or Anti Malware for Linux? In my opinion no you don’t need them if you know what are you doing and you deeply understand how Linux works. In the real world there are virus that targeted at Linux, you should heard that Mac OS (based on Unix) have been compromised by malware and…

  • Security

    How to secure wordpress website

    As you all know Nam Huy Linux Blog uses wordpress, and many popular websites like The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, boingboing, Ebay…. also uses wordpress. WordPress is an open source personal or professional blogging tool, Content Management System (CMS). WordPress requires PHP 5.2.4 or greater and MySQL 5.0 or newer on a hosting server to work. I’m not going…

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