How To Install WordPress with nginx on Centos 6

So far I have written how to install LEMP server (nginx, mysql, php-fpm) on centos. If you are planning to use WordPress with your LEMP server (nginx, mysql, php-fpm) stack, I will show... Read more »

How to install LEMP web server with Nginx, PHP-FPM 5.6, MySQL 5.5 on Centos 7

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How to install LEMP Server (Nginx 1.8, MariaDB 10.1, PHP-FPM 7) on CentOS 7

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How to install LEMP server with Linux, Nginx, PHP-FPM, and MySQL on Centos

Similar to the LAMP server (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack, LEMP Server (Linux, Nginx or engine-x, MySQL, PHP-FPM or PHP-FastCGI) is an alternative stack of open source software for web server. Unlike Apache, Nginx... Read more »

How to install and configure Varnish 3 with Nginx 1.6 on Centos 6

Varnish is a great web application accelerator. Both varnish and nginx can be configured as a httpd cached proxy, but varnish is more advanced in caching (varnish can cache whole page both... Read more »