How to tweak and optimize SSD for Ubuntu, Linux Mint

I have been using Intel 520 SSD180GB on my Dell Inspiron 11z-1121 laptop for a while and get great speed. However, if you want to tweak and optimize your SSD for Ubuntu, Linux Mint,... Read more »

Intel 520 ssd 180gb in Dell 1121 with Ubuntu

I have my intel 520 ssd 180GB a year ago and installed in Dell 11z-1121 laptop. Speed much faster computer to the original mechanical hard drive came with the laptop. I have done lots... Read more »

How to check SSD life left on linux

  To check ssd life left on a (solid-state drive) ssd, you will need to install the smartmontools package. It contains two utility programs (smartctl and smartd) to control and monitor storage systems... Read more »