How to find duplicate files using FSLint on linux

If you have lots of pictures, videos, movies, music, documents, or backups, eventually you will end up with duplicate files or directories. To clean up those unwanted files, you can use FSLint. FSlint is a free linux software, FSlint searchs and removes:

  • Duplicate files
  • Problematic filenames
  • Temporary files
  • Bad symlinks
  • Empty directories
  • Nonstripped binaries

How to install FSLint on Ubuntu

$ su -
# apt-get update
# apt-get install fslint

How to install FSLint on Fedora

$ su -
$ yum update
# yum install fslint

How to install FSLint from source code

$ wget
$ tar -xzf fslint-2.42.tar.gz
$ cd fslint-2.42
$ su -
# cd po && make
# ./fslint-gui

You can use FSLint from the terminal by the command

$ /usr/share/fslint/fslint/fslint

or start FSLint with gui

$ fslint-gui
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