How to fix Chrome/ium rendering problems with onboard Intel graphic card

If you have Ubuntu installed on your machine or Ubuntu guest virtual machine, you will or might have problem browsing the web that your browsers won’t display websites correctly or being very slow. As far as I know it will happen with Chrome/ium, IE (Internet Explorer), and even with FireFox. The reason for that is Intel Graphic driver on Ubuntu/Linux. The problem appears to be fixed but if you still have the problem, you can try to disable Intel hardware accelerated or disable GPU Accelerated Canavas 2D. There is also a bug that cause browsers render wrongly which related with Flash plugin on Chrome, but it’s unconfirmed.

To disable GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D in Chrome, open your Chrome browser, in the address bar, type in about:flags and hit Enter. Search for GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D, and click on Disable.

If you have Ubuntu guest virtual machine, you might want to disable 3D Acceleration in VirtualBox. Open oracle VM VirtualBox Manager, choose Ubuntu virtual machine, then click “settings”. Go to Display, then uncheck “Enable 3D Acceleration”.

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