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Why linux is better

Why linux is better?

Linux is open source, means the source code of linux is free for anyone to download, modify, and share with others.

Open Source

What does open source mean? It means the source code is available to the public for use and/or modification from its original code. The source code must be freely distributed. Source code must be included. Anyway can freely modify/change the source code. Modified source code can be redistributed.


Normally, linux users don’t have root or administrator privileges, linux users are given lower level accounts. That means if a linux system is compromised, virus, worms, bots, hackers won’t have the full root or administrator access to the system to do any damage system wide. Only the linux user get compromised would be affected.


In linux, you have two options to control your system, the terminal (command line) way or the gui way. With either way you can get the job done. Linux can be used as an operation system for enterprise servers, or simple office desktop, or embedded systems. You may be already using linux you don’t even know. For example, cell phone, air plane entertainment system, super computers, electronic dictionary, or even new tablet these days. Linux kernel is very small and not bloated. From office job to super computers , and anything in the middle.


As I mentioned, the linux kernel, or the linux heart is very small. Depend on which linux distributor you are using, each distributor give you different necessary packages on the top of the kernel. Linux is fast enough that most of high end business servers run linux, android on most of smart phone today, and it’s even faster on super computers.


Need help with your linux system? Every linux distributor have their own support forum, and lots of linux forums, blogs, website with tons of questions/answer, troubleshooting. People on all linux forums are friendly and helpful, they will gladly help each other to solve any problem with your linux system.


Why almost all business IT administrator choose linux for their server? Simply linux runs fantastically well without a hiccup. Business servers need to be running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.


What else not to love. It’s FREE, yes i mean FREE. Most linux distributor are free. The linux operations systems itself it free since it’s an open source code. Even software for linux are free also. Want free office suite? There are LibreOffice, Ability Office, Apache OpenOffice. Lots of free games, video, music, educations software available for you to try and use.

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