Ubuntu Touch and Android dual boot on Google Nexus Devices

Canonical released Ubuntu Touchversion for mobile devices while ago, but now Canonical officially support dual boot Ubuntu with popular Google Android. Many developers and enthusiasts have great experience with Ubuntu Touch installed on their smart phone with positive reviews. Ubuntu and Android dual boot is still in early stage of development, but Canonical makes it easy for both Ubuntu and Android with Ubuntu Dual Boot Installer tool.

The process to dual boot between Ubuntu and Android rather easy since everything is scripted. Dual boot solution from Canonical will work with stock releases and Cynogenmod. All devices must have have Android 4.2 or higher. Your devices must have bootloader unlocked, USB debugging enabled with a 2.7 GB of free space. You will also need a computer runs Ubuntu with a ADB tools to make Ubuntu Touch and Android dual boot possible.

Another option to dual boot Ubuntu Touch and Android on your Nexus phone/tablet is using MultiROM Manger. You still can keep your Android as primary OS, and dual boot with Ubuntu Touch on your phone the same way you can dual boot Linux and Windows or Mac OS on your desktop. You can download MultiROM Manager for free from Google Play store, it allows you to boot to any Android custom ROM or another Operating System like Ubuntu Touch. Only Google Nexus 7 2012Nexus 7 2013Nexus 4 and Google Nexus 5
can run MultiROM for now.

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