WordPress Admin Panel URL

Some of WordPress themes don’t put a link to Admin Panel on the front page of the site, you should know how to go to admin area to manage your WordPress website/blog. By default Admin Panel/Admin Panel or dashboard URL is /wp-admin to the end of your domain. For example


WordPress Admin Panel/Dashboard URL

If you put WordPress in a sub directory/folder, normally people put WordPress under /blog, in that case


If you are using sub domain or third level domain (may be vary depends on your sub domain, replace blog to yours)


Did you know in newer WordPress version, you can also use /admin and /login at the end of your domain to WordPress Admin Panel instead of hard to remember /wp-admin

WordPress login URL

When you use /wp-admin or /admin or /login WordPress will redirect your request to /wp-login.php which is the acutal login page. You can either use the original /wp-admin /admin /login or /wp-login.php to login to your WordPress Admin Panel


For sub directory/folder



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