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Lab 4-2: Implementing OSPF for IPv6

Physical Topology Diagram

  • Visual Topology
  • Command Line
  • Task 1: Enabling OSPFv3

Visual Topology

Command Line

Command Description
ipv6 ospf process id area id Enables OSPFv3 on an interface
ipv6 router ospf process id Enters the OSPFv3 configuration mode
router-id id Set a 32 bit router-id (dotted decimal notation)
Show ipv6 ospf interface brief Displays interfaces that are enabled for OSPFv3
show ipv6 ospf neighbor Displays the contents of the OSPFv3 neighbours table
show ipv6 route ospf Displays any OSPFv3 entries contained in the IPv6 routing table (best paths)

Task 1: Enabling OSPFv3 for IPv6.

Step 1: Access the CLI on your router

Step 2: Confirm you still have your IPv6 addresses configured.

R#sh ipv6 int brief
Router Interface IPv6 address and mask
R1 fa0/0 or gi0/0 2001:A:B:C::1/64
R1 fa0/1 or gi0/1 2001:172:16:1::17/64
R2 fa0/0 or gi0/0 2001:C:B:A::1/64
R2 fa0/1 or gi0/1 2001:172:16:1::18/64

Step 3: Your router will once again be configure to act as an ABR, use the table below to identify the area ID and also the Router ID to be used.

Router Router-ID  Interface Area
R1 fa0/0 or gi0/0 1
R1 fa0/1 or gi0/1 0
R2 fa0/0 or gi0/0 2
R2 fa0/1 or gi0/1 0

Enter into the OSPFv3 router configuration mode using a process-id of 1.

Step 4: While in the router configuration mode configure the unique router-ID listed in the table above.

Step 5: Navigate to the interface configuration mode and enable OSPFv3 for process 1.

Step 6: Use the sh ipv6 ospf int brief command to verify your configuration.

Step 7: Analyze the contents of the adjacency table using the sh ipv6 ospf nei command.

The output looks very similar to OSPFv2 running on IPv4.

Step 8: Use the appropriate command to display all active IPv6 routing protocols.
Based on the output displayed, does OSPFv3 have the same administrative distance as OSPFv2?

Step 9: Save your running-config.

Lab Answer Keys:

[Locker] The locker [id=4139] doesn't exist or the default lockers were deleted.

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